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Basic Wooden joinery information

 WOOD JOINERY: That We Must Know In your college days, you have learned about joinery and also you tried to learn more carpentry information from different carpenters and contractors, but the real thing is that they used to do it before, but they don't do any of it anymore, so we thought to give some basic information to you about basic wood joinery or carpentry work.  All furniture and other wooden objects are essentially rectangular. They are made up of actual or imaginary rectangles, positioned horizontally or vertically. Defination of Joints The joint can be described as connecting and uniting two pieces of wood together. This means that two wooden pieces are not only joined together but also combined, i.e. they serve as one piece for all practical purposes.     Importance of Joints The connection of two pieces can be accomplished by glue/nails/screws, but not by consolidating. Things that use glued/nailed/screwed parts will not be strong enough to bear weight, w