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How To Handle Multiple Projects At A Time?

In multinational companies or big organizations, there is a professional person to handle projects of the company, i.e. project manager. But what if the organization is small or maybe just freelancers like us? We have just finished our four sites by one after one, their lot of the things we learned about managing the projects, sometimes situations were positive or vise-versa but the main thing is now we have our lesson learned to improve further. We got used to our unpredictable schedule days such as we started our day with one project site visit, then somewhere selection of the materials, then afternoon spend on another site visit & after that day ended with unexpected or unplanned meetings of another project. If that describes you, here are some ideas to help you properly organize and handle several projects. These eight tips have helped us and we are confident that they will help you as well. 1. Make A Plan Before Starting Anything   This is a necessary point in respec


The Swedish brand and the world's leading home furnishings retailer has announced that they are launching in Navi Mumbai. The store will open on December 18, 2020. IKEA aspires to improve the quality of life for the many people who have big dreams but small budgets. We will just share our first experience in IKEA through this blog. 1.        How we booked Due to Covid, the management team had come up with a very good idea i.e they had decided to give the customers a timing slot to enter the store. So we had to visit the IKEA official registration page and then we had to choose a date and time slot and after that, we have to choose a number of guests, then they will resend the barcode scanner to your registered mobile number. These all formalities we had done before the visit. 2.         When we arrived We were 500 meters away from the store and had seen a large IKEA logo while driving, then when we reached the entrance, our curiosity level increased significantly; the faça

Interior Designers May Face These Challenges While Working On Their Initial Projects !

Doing any design-related work is itself a challenging task & why should not? If you are doing any creative work you should have to come up with a compilation of many ideas & their representation which is quite difficult but it shapes up the design that is why creating a design has a challenge in itself. This competitive world has a bunch of opportunities with exceptional challenges it means every industry is facing it, and if we talk particularly about interior design then there are regular challenges which interior designer face in their entire journey & especially at the start of their journey where they work on their projects. We will see what are these challenges and how to face them. 1. Time Management If you are working at an office or you run your firm or else doing freelancing, you should keep in mind that time management is an important factor all the time & it is tough but with day-by-day experience, you can learn how to manage. Being an interior designe

Problems faced by Young Designers

The client requests a full presentation before signing any payments When you finish your meeting with the client at the beginning of the project, and when you give your time for conceptualization, style, theme, mood board, so with all this activity, you've taken some time to create this beautiful design, so don't be over-excited to present your ideas of inspiration to the client.  The client will still be good to you at the beginning of the discussion, so don't be overwhelmed and give them the designs. The client might tell you to submit a 3dview or a presentation. But please don't submit it, you can go and show it, or you can tell them to visit your office. And if they are demanding about the design, you should send them the mood board and the Reference images. But don’t give the entire project to the client before any payment. T he client forces their designs on you that you know they're going to look mismatch. Often the client wants to create a space to look


Contribution of Eileen Gray Eileen Gray's early lacquered furniture had both Art Deco and Chinese influences. She progressed to elegant functionalism later on her sofas and tables, in particular, are highly original.                                   Eileen Gray                      A Retrospective of the Enigmatic Eileen Gray Following WWII, two distinct trends emerged in France: one promoting traditional historic styles for mass consumption, and the other promoting hi-tech and Scandinavian fashion for a niche market. Furniture development in England    Art nouveau and art deco, which emerged on the continent, was never fully embraced in England. Designers like Mockintosh, Mackmurdo, Webb, Shaw, and Voysey were working on a modern, simple style of domestic furniture in the spirit of the Art and Crafts movement without fearing the machine by the turn of the century. Utility Furniture Scheme,1942 The destruction caused by World War II necessitated the development of the u