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Difference between the drawing-room and Living room

A house not only provides shelter for the people who live in it, but it also reflects a person's lifestyle. Houses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can have any number of spaces. The rooms are used for a variety of purposes and are thus named accordingly. A kitchen, for example, is used for cooking, while a dining room is used for serving and consuming food, among other things. In India, some people say living room as drawing-room, so that’s not their mistake in this creative field of the world, the words "living room" and "drawing-room" are often used interchangeably, despite the fact they both are two different realities. So, in this blog will see the differences between these two spaces? While they both refer to a form of a seating area, they do not refer to the same room. In the end, don’t forget to comment on this blog to motivate us to make more informative blogs for you. What Is a Dr

4 Reasons Why LED Lights Are Better for Us

Lights are now intelligent enough to recognize our voices and assist us in better managing our work, stress, and sleep. The improved efficiency of LEDs is perhaps the most beneficial improvement in lighting. As compared to incandescent bulbs, today's high-quality LEDs provide incredible energy savings – nearly 90% – but that's just the beginning. LED lighting systems have become one of the most favored lighting systems in the world as a result of technical advances in the lighting industry. With smaller sizes, increased intensity, and a wide range of colors, LEDs are also leading a lighting revolution. Each of these developments opens up new possibilities for illuminating your home, making now the ideal time to reconsider your home's lighting. 1.  Smaller in size   LEDs can be as tiny as a drug, allowing us to light our homes more elegantly and precisely than ever before. LED strips can be tucked away in cabinets, pan

Modular Kitchen vs Carpenter-made kitchen

In India, the kitchen is the heart of the apartment since our day begins and ends there. All desire a brighter and more spacious kitchen. In India, most people have begun to adopt new things based on the advice of interior designers, though some are still thinking about it. For eg, suppose a friend from one of your groups called you to attend the inauguration of their new apartment, and you know that this kitchen question will be asked, i.e., is this a modular kitchen or a carpenter-made kitchen , and from then you decide to think to renovate your home as well.                              In this blog, we will cover modular kitchens and carpenter-made kitchens. Which materials are appropriate for our daily lives, which materials are expensive, the pros and cons of the materials, and finally, you can choose the best option that suits your home. What is a modular kitchen? The definition of the module influenced the term modularkitchen . The modular kitchen is made up of small pi

Have You Ever Wondered How Granite Is Formed?

In India when most people heard the word “granite” the 1 st  thing that comes in your mind is kitchen platforms, Window framings, Door framings, Staircases, etc. However, there is a reason why granite is the preferred material for Indian kitchens. The stone surface not only adds a natural and elegant look to the kitchen but is also the most functional and long-lasting solution for our kitchens. After all, it's one of the toughest materials that can withstand our special and intense cooking style (whether it's with stain-prone spices like turmeric or heavy items like mortar and pestle, pressure cookers, and so on). One of the most common countertop materials is granite. It was first used in luxury homes in the 1920s, but it did not become a popular approach until the 1970s. It was still regarded as high-end interior design material, and many homeowners believed it was out of their price range. Granite technology and transportation advances were introduced in the 1990s, allowin