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The 10 Most Important Kitchen Dimensions You Should Be Aware Of

Carpentary made kitchen or modular kitchen, must be functional and ergonomically in order to get the most work done in the least amount of time and energy. We have documented some typical ergonomic kitchen proportions that achieve optimal planning and an optimum kitchen layout. So, if you're thinking of taking on the challenge of creating your own kitchen, don't be afraid; instead, be totally confident. This article will teach you all you need to know about kitchen dimensions.     1. Kitchen countertop depth A kitchen countertop, as well as bottom cabinets and drawer storage, should have a standard depth of 2 feet. Please keep in mind that the depth of the countertop may vary depending on the size of the kitchen appliances that must be installed, such as the cooktop or microwave. And the service platform can be 18inches. This dimension also varies according to kitchen size and kitchen type.  The depth of a countertop on

Difference between BWP and BWR Plywood

The woodwork is the most crucial part of any interior design job. Everything, from sleek modular kitchens to wardrobes, is constructed of wood - particularly plywood in recent years. Plywood has evolved throughout the years as a basic material in the interior design field, giving birth to many varieties, grades, thicknesses, and sizes. BWP and BWR plywood are the two most popular varieties that are frequently utilised for functional and aesthetic purposes in interior design. Though both contribute significantly to the aesthetic, appearance, feel, and quality of the home, do you know what type of plywood they are? What distinguishes them? and what are the applications for them? If not, continue reading. This blog exists to provide answers to all of your unresolved questions! BWP – Boiling Water Proof Plywood It is a marine grade plywood that is commonly used in the construction of furniture that will be exposed to water and moisture for an extended period of time. This type of plywo

How to Create an Accent Wall ?

Accent walls are still popular in the decorating industry. Because of their versatility, these simple and attractive color accents will always be popular. You have an infinite number of paint colors to choose from for your accent wall, as well as other surfaces and materials. Even the placement of your accent wall is entirely subjective. Because your home is one-of-a-kind, your accent wall should be as well. Accent walls can be employed in any room if you understand the important dos and don'ts. Note: Please keep in mind that these instructions are universal and can be used to any pattern of wall paneling – they are not exclusive to my particular paneling design. So, regardless of the sort of paneling you choose to install (squares, straight board, and batten, herringbone, or something altogether different), the essential "how-to" instructions are the same. What Exactly Is an Accent Wall? An accent wall is a wall t