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What is Terrazzo flooring

  Many individuals are wondering what terrazzo is. To address that question, terrazzo can be used to create a variety of different finishes. In one statement, terrazzo is defined as a composite material that is poured in place or prefabricated for precast terrazzo. Terrazzo is made up of marble, granite, quartz, glass, shell, and other suitable materials chipped together. The binder is either cement or an epoxy matrix. In Mumbai 20 years back builders used to give the residential flat terrazzo flooring but now it is replaced with ceramic tiles because of the high cost. But then too if not refurbished you will see the terrazzo flooring in your friend’s house or older buildings. It has a rich look and feels that instantly transforms the appearance of a place. It has been increasingly popular in recent years as a more appealing alternative to marble and granite in-house design. So will see where this material came came from. History of Terrazzo Terrazzo was invented in Venice in

What Does an Interior Designer Do?

An Interior designer is the person who completes a client's needs, requirements, wishes, and dreams through his or her powerful design visualization, creativity, and tremendous knowledge of the field. It means the client absolutely has a lot of expectations from designers and it is the duty of a designer to fulfill all the expectations of their clients. So, you can imagine how the big role of an interior designer is while creating, developing, and finishing any interior project. Interior designer's job is varied from creating places that are appealing, useful, and safe while also fulfilling the unique needs of each client, but it all starts with offering accurate design guidance for the best, safe occupation of a person who works, lives, or utilize an interior space. For that designer have to do n number of roles like from conceptualization to work in progress of the project till the final finishing of the project. Duties And Responsibilities Of An Interior Designer 1

Interior Design, Interior Decorating & Interior Styling: What’s The Difference?

Many people nowadays are familiar with the terms interior design, interior decorating, and interior styling, but only a few understand what they imply. These three terms appear to be pretty similar, however, there are several differences that distinguish them completely. If you want to design your home from a professional but you don’t know that exactly which service is preferable or convenient to you then, first you should know the exact meaning of these services, you have to understand it and then you can prefer what you want specifically. What Is Interior Design? Interior designing is one of the most creative, exciting, and extraordinary professions. Interior design is the consolidation of art, science, and technology that manipulates colors, forms, textures, visuals, space, and light to enhance the quality of human life. In another way, interior design means understanding the human behavior to create esthetically pleasing as well as functional spaces which will add meaning in

Have You Ever Wondered How Marble Is Formed?

  Marble comes from the Ancient Greek term mármaros, which meaning "crystalline rock, sparkling stone."                        How Marble Is Formed?   As opposed to magmatic, marble is metamorphic. When limestone is subjected to extreme heat and pressure during transformation, metamorphic rock is formed. This mainly happens near the Earth's crust, along convergent plate borders. Marble is mostly made of calcite, but it also contains other minerals such as quartz, micas, and iron oxides, similar to granite . This stunning natural stone is luxurious with a timeless look.                       Marble has long been regarded as the stone of kings and gods. If we look closely, we can see that marble was used to construct historical buildings and monuments. This rock, for example, was used to construct the Taj Mahal. This rock, however, is still utilized as a beautiful building material today. Marble is utilized on both the inside and outside of buildings. These are so