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History Of 20th Century - Part 1 The 19th century had exhausted all the vocabulary of the old design, and creative people in all fields were searching for a new design continent like Columbus. What they sensibly did was dump what they had consumed, go back to the basics, and learn about different ways. There was also another application involved. The Clear Cut in the Past The design of the 20th-century furniture marks a clean break with the past. Something that never happened, even when civilization took over another civilization. Accepting the Industrial Revolution People understood the importance of the machine and acknowledged the increasing value of the machine and the dependence of the final effects of mass manufacturing on a good initial design suited to the machine and not to the craftsman. Then, from the late 19th century, the idea of simplicity and the superiority of feature over shape had spread. Influences of Social and Technology Changes There have also been major

What is Eclectic Style in Interior Design?

Describing A Styles Chain: What Is Eclectic Style In Interior Design?  : A Mixture Of Great Historical Styles One of the most favorite and famous style is non-other than the Eclectic style, and the reason behind is, it is simple that means, this style is made up of a combination of different styles and especially those styles which belong to some historical era or period. Is it, sound interesting? Yes, I feel so, because of its unique esthetics and principles of design. What Is The Eclectic Style? The word Eclectic comes from the Greek word ‘eklegein’ to ‘eklektikos’ to ‘Eclectics’ (in the late 17 th century). In general words, eclectic means developing designs, style, or preference from a vast and varied variety of places and sources, and in the designing words eclectic means mixing of the period, era, style, textures, patterns, and colors. The Eclectic style is ever-changing and extremely personalized because its main feature is a combination of many historical styles. It co


RESPONSIBILITIES THAT INTERIOR DESIGNER SHOULD HAVE It is always useful to define a concept, an idea, or a person before we enter into any serious discussion about him/her. Since the interior design career is relatively new in India, although well established in the United States.        A professional interior designer is a person prepared for education, experience, and review, and will now address several issues. 1.       Identify, research, and creatively solve problems related to the roles and efficiency of the interior setting. 2.        Performs services related to interior spaces, including programming, design analysis of space layout, and aesthetics, using advanced knowledge of interior design, equipment, materials, and furniture. 3.      Prepares sketches and documentation relating to the design of interior spaces to enhance and protect the health, protection, and well-being of the public. Role of an Interior Designer Today's interior designer is not a minor de