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The Scandinavian Style Home


Project Brief

Sited on the 6th floor of an upscale apartment complex in Mumbai, this single-floor 3BHK covers 750 sq. feet of space, also it is a duplex flat and is shared by a young couple and their young daughter...

The project's essence was to create a living area that valued simplicity, clean living, and an uncluttered lifestyle. The owners desired a calm, pleasant appearance combined with a sleek, modern design narrative.

As interior designers, we always focus on concept & style-oriented design where we can reflect the client's personality. In this blog, we will share with you one of our projects and how we designed it & create a sophisticated place.

The couple wants a subtle yet sophisticated ambiance in their home. They wanted a soft pastel color with some accented bold colors which mainly focus on focal walls. Also, their prime requirement was to shift the entire kitchen area from the existing kitchen to the guest bedroom (enough large than the kitchen area). This is a 3 BHK apartment in a duplex structure, here we have done it from scratch like from the flooring we renovate this house.

The Modern Foyer

When you open the door, you are greeted with an interesting combination of elegance and informality. The abstract mirror greets you with your elegant smile & mosaic style floor with an abstract hand-painted wall creates the perfect foyer experience. Just behind the main door, you can see compact storage which has an upper unit to showcase the achievements or to display the artifacts & below storage to keep unwanted stuff.


The end product was a very efficient doorway that was accentuated with tastefully placed accents to provide a sense of both welcome and sophistication.


Living The Modern Yet Elegant Life

The living room looks spacious because of its colors & functionality. You can see the chic sofa with a soft pastel turquoise color, which highlighted the horizontal shape arch in the same shade of pastel turquoise color. Same paint you can see on the TV unit wall with an abstract wooden strip paneling. The client was very sure about what exactly he wanted on that basis we designed the TV unit in a such way that simplicity can reflect by any means.


After the living area, another space is the dining area. This is perfectly done with Scandinavian colors & modern esthetics. If we want to describe it we can just say that’s the perfect dining corner with industrial-style hanging lights & 6 mirror frames that unexpectedly replicate an entire kitchen. 



Scandinavian Kitchen with Woodie Texture

The kitchen was created to be a harmonious blend of wood and sage green. We decided to wrap an entire Undercounter storage unit in teak grain, while the rest of the cabinetry is finished with a sage green laminate. A pair of Overhead storage & Loft storage above the countertop break up the expanse of sage green, and the all-black hardware provides a mellow, basic contrast. A brilliant gray natural stone complements the white marble grains backsplash, creating a gentle ambiance in the kitchen.



The Charming Gray

The focal point of the master bedroom is the Wooden paneling, finished with a gorgeous gray accent wall & black wall lamp. Looking at the bed you can feel the comfort & subtle feel due to the cushion’s soft gray dramatic prints & royal blue color headrest. This combination compiles the overall master bedroom look. 


On the other hand, the closet is the largest piece of furniture in the entire room, but you can’t feel exactly what it is because of the color & texture combination of terrazzo prints with plain soft gray color. Also, the study shelf with the pair of 2 floating shelves creates a perfect corner space with an accent hand painting painted by us & beautiful hanging artwork made by the client. So, after considering everything the window creates a chic yet romantic look to the bedroom.


The Splash Of Pastel Colors

A space full of soft contours and gentle pastels, the kid’s bedroom features a canopy wooden bed with a paneled headboard in a deep rose pink color. The kid’s bedroom is on the upper floor of the kitchen so, to climb we have designed a staircase in a combination of wood & natural black & white granite. This space has its own feel because we have created a gallery wall alongside the staircase. Which must be close to the client & their family.


After going upstairs you will be welcomed by the various pastel colors, which satisfies the feeling of joy. The canopy bed with a paneled backrest, a cozy study corner, the huge closet in various color block & a cute little yellow framed window looks gorgeous together.



Taking a stroll through the Scandinavian, yet modern esthetic home is a relaxation exercise. Delightful little visual surprises hide in plain sight, and the space is peppered with wooden textures, plain colors, and warm tones that emphasize modern forms and a sense of sophistication.


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